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Conducted Course of Mesotherapy for Cellulite Removal

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May 23 14 10:40 PM

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After the procedure - Properly conducted course of mesotherapy body will lead to the fact that at the end of the procedure the patient breaks up cellulite, the patient's skin becomes more elastic, the volume of the body are reduced, wrinkles are smoothed, fatty deposits in problem areas are significantly reduced, cosmetic imperfections disappear.

Mesotherapy for Cellulite - As a result you are able to effectively reduce the volume of the body, destroy the "orange peel" and dissolve fat cells. The results of the full course of mesotherapy body with proper lifestyle and skin care can keep from 6 months up to six years depending on the cocktails and features of the patient. If the procedure is carried out correctly and qualified, then the risk of side effects and complications after it is minimal. However, after the procedure should still follow some rules and recommendations:

·Do not use makeup for 6 hours after the procedure
·2-3 days after the procedure should not use the swimming pool, sauna, solarium
·Within 3 days there should be no body massage or any hardware cosmetic procedures

Anti-cellulite essential oils - Anti-cellulite essential oils are often used, and the effectiveness of this fragrant composition have not doubt. How do you properly use essential oils at home? Effectiveness of different essential oils as anti-cellulite agents - essential oils have an effect on the fat cells, lymphatic system and blood vessels.

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Jun 6 14 10:57 PM

Mesotherapy involves injections of vitamins into the target area that helps break down the fat. But before starting any kind of treatment for cellulite you have to know the truth about cellulite.
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