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Observe colleagues in the dining room: a three-course dinner most crushes an average of 10-12 minutes, although would have to stretch a meal for 30-40 minutes.

It is no accident lunch break lasts 1 hour! So learn the technique of slow chewing worth everyone! Advantage of the method that requires neither cost nor involvement of a physician to learn how to chew slowly, takes approximately 5 weeks; we have to act according to the scheme. Customized Fat Loss Program Review

Chew each spoonful of food:

· Week 1 - 1 minute;

· Week 2 - 2 minutes;

· Week 3 - 3 minutes;

· Week 4 - 2 minutes;

· Week 5 - 1 minute.

The result is a conditioned reflex to a long (30-40 seconds) chewing food and you will not want to, as before, eat a bowl of pasta. It is a hearty portion would be the size of a saucer!

Those who have the patience and perseverance to master the skills of slow food certainly lose weight and primarily, normalizes bowel, strengthens the immune system improved condition of the liver, metabolism, blood brain.

Strengthens the gums and the teeth get extra protection against tooth decay, as released by the chewing saliva neutralizes the acid and sugar from food. There is another argument in favor of this method of improvement: chewing food thoroughly, we save money because products thus have to buy 2-4 times less!