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Digestive time of the foods differ depending on their composition and structure. Those types of food that is digested more slowly you can because stomach disorders, such as ulcers, gastritis or gastro esophageal reflux.
Just keep your will to keep away from these diseases and to have a healthy stomach, so you should inform yourself about foods and habits that will prevent them from ever suffer from disorders of the digestive system. Here are most important out of these:

1. Toss the clothes very narrow
Clothes that are tight around the waist very contribute to slowing down the digestion process, so that put a certain pressure on the stomach. Equally dangerous is supra-pond arability tea, and for the same reason. Give him freedom to your abdomen and leave it to process foods properly, without obtrudes it in any way, if you want to avoid stomach burns and the effects of gastro esophageal.

2. Remove from the diet foods harmful to the stomach
Sweets that contain caffeine, such as those based on cocoa, are very harmful to your stomach. Any spices listed are not very fast, so watch out for chili, paprika, pepper or horseradish. No cinnamon or cloves, not just friendly with digestion. There are also vegetables that can harm, such as onions, leeks, okra, cherries, garlic, tomatoes or cabbage but yoga for weight loss are extremely recommended by the physicians. Fatty meats or smoked are harmful, and they don't have that fried look in your diet if you want a healthy stomach. You should also avoid fresh bread.

3. Toss the damaging digestive drinks
Coffee, alcohol and juices made from citrus acidity causes, so you should avoid them if you care about the health of your stomach. The same is true for teas containing caffeine.

4. Use the gastric dressings when you take medicines
The drugs may cause intense stomach flora. Therefore, it is recommended that in parallel to gastric, dressings for abscesses on your digestive apparatus.

5. Adapt your physical training
Exercise in the morning and they can contribute to the generation of stomach diseases, regardless of whether your routine include them before or after breakfast. Try to give you a small respite between the two activities, namely the ate and did sports and consume foods rich in fibers at breakfast, such as a yogurt with cereal.

6. Let yourself stop smoking
Smoking is one of the most harmful addictions to both the lungs and the stomach. Its effects are known causing ulcers, especially if the people who won’t let you associate with caffeinated drinks and bad eating habits.

7. Consume foods good for your stomach
Avoid harmful food for the stomach and replace it with healthy foods or new fat Burning foods that are digested easily and can cause stomach burns. Among the most common such foods include dairy products, eggs or soft-boiled and unsalted cheese, boiled or cooked vegetables steamed, toasted white bread and boiled meat lean.