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Jan 10 14 4:57 AM

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Deteriorating health. Improper diet can impair health. This risk is expressed in particular in long-term diet. For example, protein diet reduces weight quickly, but too much protein in the diet depletes the kidneys and liver.
After one week of the start of the child, you may notice that you look worse: The skin will take on a grayish hue, the hair will be stiff and dull the nails will scroll. These are signals that your body is urgently needed proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Monotonous diet. Perhaps the worst type of diet they are based only on one foodstuff such as yogurt, rice or buckwheat. To function normally, the body requires a certain amount of fat, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.
If you eat only one food - it will not provide the necessary nutritive body. And your mental status will not be even a little bit shiny: monotonous diet brings monotonous life.
The basic list of necessary requirements for properly selected diet is:
- Diet should not have unwanted side effects;
- Must be safe for the human body;
- Reduction of body weight should be within the normal range;
- Food should contain all the necessary nutrients (amino acids, minerals, fatty acids);
- A few days after moving to the chosen diet, you do not need to have a strong sense of hunger.
And, of course, consult with a counselor before the child just to keep everything went fine - went kilograms (not to return), and improved health.
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