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First of all Thanks to Kyle Leon for sharing these tips.

Making your body to eat earn more calories thus the increase in weight and a lot of other health problems, so you need to get rid of this Madam excess calories, here are some tips that this works to increase the burning of calories:

• Exercise: The best way in which they can burn calories, in the form of several activities, including bike riding, hiking, swimming, and for a period of not less than 30 minutes a day.

• Stand: It turns out that the standing position and burn 50% more calories compared to sit down are advised to do some things in a standing position instead of sitting position, such as talking on the mobile phone or reading the newspaper.

• Work to build muscle: Because muscles consume more calories, so you must do some heavy workouts to grow muscle mass at the expense of fat mass.

• Work to change some of the foods: for example, replace the rice or pasta with meat, fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, because it requires more chewing, which means burning more calories.

• Get enough sleep: It has been proven that it works to improve the ability of the body's metabolism, thereby helping to burn more calories.

• Dinner: advised not to eat dinner late until we have enough time for the body to carry out the process of digestion and metabolism.

• Relaxation: Because stress causes the body to secrete more of the hormone cortisone, which increases the conversion of calories stored as fat.

• Drinking coffee and green tea: caffeine from catalysts that increase the burning of calories, as it may happen metabolic changes that lead to burn more calories.

• Eat some healthy snacks: where the lead to burn more calories to release energy from food.

• Drink cold water: there are studies say it is working to burn approximately 30 calories.

• laugh: It has been proven that laughter also burns calories. A connection laughed.

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