Feb 10 14 3:18 AM

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Increase your anxiety on the heart or the probability of developing diabetes, if you are overweight. However, the new study found that excess weight also contributes to the deterioration of the disc between the vertebrae of the spine, especially in the area of the lumbar spine.

In the study, published in the journal «Arthritis and Rheumatism» Arthritis & Rheumatism, researchers studied more than 2,500 adults, and found that the state of degeneration in the hard disc degeneration tends to be more common and more severe, and more widespread, among the participants overweight and obese.

The weight loss certainly helps in reducing the pressure on the disks» between paragraphs. Backbone consists of a series of bones called «paragraphs». In total, these paragraphs form the backbone. There are between each paragraph and other tablet Levy. This helps to keep the drive not the bone that separates the friction between them. They resemble small pieces of felt the separation between the two layers.

With the passage of time take the drive itself and tear. When the show case degeneration where they turn to the case of «slide» (or hernia). This means that the disks begin pressing on the nerves in the spine, causing pain.

These muscles and maintain an erection backbone when it affects other forces, such as body weight, as well as when you lift weights and are what is causing the tendency of the spine. As long as most of the body weight is located in front of the spine is always leaning forward. http://www.kyleleonreviewscam.com/customized-fat-loss-review/