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Exercises for effective to eliminate back fat

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Feb 13 14 4:29 AM

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There is no doubt that fat back severely affect the public health, those who catch it, and you can get rid of the accumulated fat in the back by doing some exercises that help you to do so without the need for expensive gym equipment. So we give you eight exercises effective to eliminate back fat.

Exercise stress

Exercise is the pressure of the best aerobic exercise, it is perfect to strengthen the muscles of the arms and get rid of the fat back. Must have your body in a straight line from the ankles up to the head,and you can do two sets of 12 to 20 exercise pressure in each group.

Exercise rowing

Kayaking is also a great exercise to eliminate fat back if you've done correctly. Upon completion of the rowing motion, not back. National withdraw the belt down to your body, and this exercise will strengthen your abdominal muscles, trunk, arms and back.

Lifting Exercise Y-shaped

This exercise is one of the exercises easy to get rid of back fat. You can use the ball to do the exercise. Nationalist lie on the ball with make your face down and your toes on the ground so that the ball just under the chest. National lifting your arms slowly so that your body forms the letter. Stop at this position for ten seconds, and then a national cut your arms slowly again. Repeat this 12 times in the two groups.

Exercise horizontal bar

The horizontal bar of aerobic exercise difficult, but it is very useful to get rid of back fat. National status hands on the bar so that the palms of your hands inside, and then a national bend the knees and lift your body so that your chin touches the bar. Repeat this exercise 12 times in the two groups.

Lifting Exercise lateral
You will need a pair of lightweight dumbbells for this exercise. National standing so that the distance between your feet shoulder with the same, then bend your knees a national 45-degree angle. Then your arms to lift the national sides so slowly that they are sitting in a straight line this are a useful exercise for the shoulders and upper back. Repeat this exercise 12 times in the two groups.

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